30 brilliant ideas for creative social media marketing posts

Stuck for social media content ideas?

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With so many social media marketing platforms and marketing channels that you need to attend to and be visible on, it can be difficult to continuously come up with clever and wily content ideas and posts.

I’ve taken out some of the hard work for you by compiling a list of content ideas that you can use and incorporate in your content marketing and social media marketing strategy. Essentially, what you’ll find below is a month’s worth of social media content. Or more!

social media copywriting

Copywriting ideas: social media posts

  1. opinion pieces and sharing your opinion on a current event
  2. “how to” guide – this works really well if you have a product and you make an instructional video
  3. tutorials
  4. recipes
  5. industry knowledge/expertise
  6. quotes by famous people and industry leaders
  7. explanatory post: explain how someone can best contact you or how the shipping process works for your online store
  8. tips and hints
  9. ‘what I’ve learnt…’
  10. history or philosophy of your chosen industry/service or product
  11. interviews/Q&A session with other industry leaders, clients/customers, staff members, suppliers or key stakeholders
  12. case studies
  13. testimonials
  14. your brand story
  15. any temporary or permanent change to opening/closing hours
  16. link to new and old blog posts
  17. high quality images of your product, service, staff, professional social activities, events, your product in situ etc
  18. the history of your company, eg how and why it started,
  19. list the top three to five direct benefits of what your business offers (this should be clear in your web copy)
  20. the biggest achievement of the year for your business
  21. sign up link to your enewsletter
  22. FAQ
  23. important announcements
  24. conduct an industry related poll
  25. statistics
  26. “did you know” facts
  27. recommended reading, podcasts, viewing, social media accounts
  28. celebratory posts on key holidays and public holidays
  29. chart or graph demonstrating some of your key business data
  30. ask a question of your audience​

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