How to write great headlines for blogs

How to write great headlines for blogs

You can write the most epic blog content that could set off a bunch of life changing insights for your readership. But without a tantalising headline, few people will bother to click through and read it. 

Writing effective headlines

Ensure you have a compelling heading for each blog post. Make sure it’s a bit of a tease and that people will want to click on it and read more. Include why someone absolutely must read this post; explain why it will change their life/business/mind etc. The blog headline must be about the reader and how it can benefit them. For example, How garlic will make you lose weight.

How to write great headlines for blogs

With [blog post] titles, it’s best to under promise and over deliver. So if you’re choosing between uber-compelling and accurate, choose accuracy every time,’ Corey Eridon, Hubspot Marketing Blog.


Here are some things to add that will create punch for an effective headline: 

  •   alliteration 
  •   anything that is intriguing 
  •   some urgency 
  •   strong language/words— not necessarily swear words but clear, powerful words 
  •   power words— words like tyranny (thanks Churchill), warning, eye opening, surprising. 
How to write great headlines for blogs and articles
An editorial headline that I’ve previously written


An effective headline should make a reader curious and want more. Here are some types of headlines that have proven themselves to work time and time again: 

  • warning/alert
  • the art of or mastery of a topic
  • timesaving or life hacks
  • questions
  • shockers/hoaxes/lies
  • take control of…
  • banish [topic] forever
  • things people hate
  • number of things, e.g., Five ways to…
  • here’s something a “trusted person” won’t tell you (i.e. doctor)
  • little known facts
  • what [event or person] can teach us about [topic]
  • how to…

‘Most people will share content based on the headline alone.’ 

blog headlines

How many words should your headline be?

There’s been many different discoveries when it comes to the ultimate headline length for maximum readers. The platform you are sharing on does make a difference but to summarise, Outbrain has found that seven words is an ideal length.

Coschedule similarly suggests that 60-100 characters is ideal. Do you want to know whether your headline hits the mark? This is my favourite tool when deciding between headlines to use. Try this headline analyser.

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