How to promote your business

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Digital marketing is scary

Marketing, particularly digital marketing and social media marketing, can be a daunting concept for some, especially when the thing you are trying to promote is you and your services. Even more so when you are unsure how to promote your business.

Our inner critic can bring up all sorts of insecurities and try to get us to believe that we’re not worth promoting or people will discover we are a fraud. I can assure you that this is a feeling I am very familiar with. With every key stroke, my inner critic is deafening loud and on some days, I listen to it. But mostly, I just kept letting it have its rant and keep typing.

how to promote your business

Marketing as a concept

Promoting yourself won’t be as scary as you think. I know it’s new and expansive, beyond perhaps the mind can comprehend but for many of us, we have no problem in believing such intangible and esoteric concepts as Spirit, Heaven, ghosts and so forth and that these can be beautiful concepts. I feel that if you can believe in these concepts, then digital marketing will be easy for you!

Digital marketing is just like a scaled down version of the Universe, contained on some devices (such as a smart phone) that you can access anytime, in the way that youwant to. It holds lots of answers and has the ability to reach a wide, connected group of people.

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Digital marketing is not nefarious

It can be a challenge for people who are on this planet solely for service to want to engage in marketing. For those new to marketing and promotional activities, it can look nefarious and deceptive and you might initially feel like it conflicts with your beliefs.

But I urge you to look deeper within to see whether it really does conflict with your beliefs or whether your very clever self- saboteur is at work again. This crafty saboteur is so clever that it will come to you in many ways, including using your own beliefs against you.

Having a low opinion of yourself is not “modesty”. It’s self destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard isnot “egotism”. It’s a necessary precondition to happiness and success,’ Bobbe Sommer.

how to promote your business marketing book

There is a saboteur in all of us, it might have a tiny voice or it might have a booming, deep voice that dominates your daily existence but it’s there. And you’re most at risk if you think it’s not there because that means it’s hiding in your internal blind spot. The more awareness you can bring to this saboteur part of yourself and the more light you can shine on it, and expose it for what it is, the easier it is to overcome.

Even if you are happy with a couple of safe clients per week, I suspect that there is still a part of you that is yearning for more… much more. You’re helping no one— especially yourself— by playing small.

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