Copywriting for generation X

Generation X are people who are 38 to 53 years old in 2019. And, as a target demographic, when it comes to copywriting and marketing, they are ripe for the “attacking”. Generation X in Australia are known as the ‘forgotten generation’ and aren’t as noisy or given as much attention as all the other generations, […]

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Copywriting that sells

Businesses, like Apple, have mastered the art of seducing a significant number of buyers and creating a massive buzz around each product launch. They have a strong product, stunning images and an incredible website. But their sales copywriting plays an important role, too. They use copywriters who know precisely how to sell using words. They […]

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Copywriting product descriptions

In 2013, Australians spent $37.1 billion via ecommerce and 53 per cent of people regularly buy from Australia. In 2018, international shoppers were expected to spend $16 billion (AUD) annually with our local online retailers. Ecommerce is a big, huge game. But if you want to make those real sales, instead of dribs and drabs, product […]

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Sales copywriting a squeeze page

It is almost impossible to surf the net for more than a couple of minutes without encountering a number of squeeze pages. This is not surprising since email marketing is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools, with an average ROI of 3800%. There are several email marketing activities that are great at capturing […]

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Top five posts for direct copywriting

It’s really important to write with authority and establish credibility if you want to build an audience and/or following for your website or blog. It’s even more important if you want that audience to buy what you tell them to buy. Enter direct copywriting… Direct copywriting with authority is about demonstrating your expertise and knowledge and […]

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