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How to write an ad

Although not as prominent and cost effective as digital advertising, press ads are still relevant and useful for a lot of businesses. But not everyone knows how to write a really seductive ad.  ​Even if you are not able to afford print (aka press) advertising right now, it’s a very useful business skill to learn […] Continue Reading

Sales copywriting a squeeze page

It is almost impossible to surf the net for more than a couple of minutes without encountering a number of squeeze pages. This is not surprising since email marketing is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools, with an average ROI of 3800%. There are several email marketing activities that are great at capturing […] Continue Reading

Call to action copywriting

A call to action (CTA) is a concise phrase that you include in your copywriting and marketing material that not only encourage your readers to do something but it demands it! The term itself gives it away– it’s a strong directive that ensures action. The action that you want taken are practical steps that will […] Continue Reading

The history of copywriting

The interesting history of copywriting. It’s older than you think! There is a certain level of peculiarity that comes with being a copywriter that goes beyond simply being a writer or working in marketing. Of course, I’m completely biased but it feels like a strange set of skills that I’ve stolen from history and that […] Continue Reading

Copywriting for millennials

Millennials: mystery or marvellous? How can you perfect your copywriting to speak to them? Despite what you may think, millennials are actually astute readers and information consumers. Studies show that millennials are more likely to read more books than people in their thirties and forties. Not to mention the amount of online reading they consume. They […] Continue Reading

Creative copywriting techniques

Harry Potter and The Services Brochure? Okay, so that might be a bit extreme (but admit it, you’d read it, right?). But there is a beautiful cross section between creative writing and copywriting. The techniques that I have learnt from creative writing via studying and applying the art are, thankfully, transferrable to my copywriting and […] Continue Reading

What is a media release?

A media release, also known as a press release, is a one to two page document that is written specifically for people who work in the media and is genuinely newsworthy. It incorporates a journalistic style and is often written by publicists or copywriters, with the aim of getting media coverage.The idea behind a media […] Continue Reading