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How long should a blog post be?

How many words should a blog post contain for the best SEO? This is a common question. And an important one with the recent changes to Google’s search algorithms. Search engines are now placing websites with high quality content higher up on their result pages, making it necessary to know just how long your website content […] Continue Reading

SEO statistics for website traffic

If it seems like I bang on about SEO a lot, it’s probably because I do. It’s the absolute crux of your digital marketing strategy and increasing website traffic. In case I haven’t convinced you of the importance of refining your SEO more, here are some illuminating SEO statistics. I’ve also highlighted what the statistic […] Continue Reading

SEO keywords 101

Getting to know what SEO keywords are More than sixty thousand searches go through Google every single day. I- and others- cannot stress enough the importance of SEO. Without it, you are basically invisible.Google has an algorithm that it uses to rank pages and websites that are searched for. Updating your website to please this […] Continue Reading

Tips for good content writing

Writing well (particularly your content writing and web writing) is a key player in drawing in more customers and leads via organic searches, as we’ve looked at previously with easy SEO tips. Good content If you’re not getting the organic traffic that you expect, it’s time to start including better written and more content on your site. […] Continue Reading

What is meta data?

​What are meta data descriptions and meta tags?Meta tags and meta data descriptions are the summary of what your web page contains that is implemented at the backend of your website as part of your meta tags. This is the information that search engines (such as Google) uses to index your website and web pages […] Continue Reading

Thought leader marketing

Do you run your own business and want to set yourself apart from your competitors? Do you want your future clients to see you as leading the way? Then it’s time to consider positioning your business, yourself and your services as industry leaders. Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in […] Continue Reading

How to start a blog

Blogging basics: how to start a blog A blogging platform is the internet based software that you will be using. I find the following the easiest to navigate and the most intuitive to set up and use: WordPressBloggerTumblrWeebly WordPress blog Because of its diversity, WordPress is a great blogging and website platform. WordPress is renowned for being […] Continue Reading