Writing a Good Book Blurb

Blurbs are book descriptions, and they are a crucial part of book marketing. A bad blurb can cause readers to pass over your book in favour of another book with a more attractive description, so it’s important for authors to know how to write a good book blurb that will get their book noticed. This […]

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How to Start Writing a Book

Have you always wanted to start writing a book but not known where to start? Writing your first book can seem like an impossible task, but it’s actually easier than you might think. In this article we will discuss what makes for a good story and how to start writing a book from scratch. We’ll […]

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About page copywriting template

Want to write your own website copy? Not exactly sure what you’re doing or what to improve what you’ve got? Here’s your solution: An easy to use copywriting template! Download this easy to follow copywriting template which tells you exactly what to write and where for one of the most important and looked at pages […]

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