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What is meta data?

​What are meta data descriptions and meta tags?Meta tags and meta data descriptions are the summary of what your web page contains that is implemented at the backend of your website as part of your meta tags. This is the information that search engines (such as Google) uses to index your website and web pages […] Continue Reading

Thought leader marketing

Do you run your own business and want to set yourself apart from your competitors? Do you want your future clients to see you as leading the way? Then it’s time to consider positioning your business, yourself and your services as industry leaders. Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in […] Continue Reading

Find your target market

‘Everyone is not your customer,’ Seth Godin You have a terrific product or service that you’ve finessed and you’re ready to tell the world. The website is live and your offerings are all lined up ready to meet their customer or client. And you’re ready to start making a real noise about your business to […] Continue Reading