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What is social proof?

Social proof is a psychological term stemming from the 1930s that encompasses the way we feel as consumers. Essentially, it is the concept that if other people are doing or buying it, then we should be doing so too. It’s that generated feeling of ‘you are safe to do this because others are also’. Canned […] Continue Reading

What makes a good content article?

Content articles are one of the most pivotal parts of not just your content marketing plan but your overall marketing plan. Statistics show that the more content your site has, the more Google will rank your page.Content articles are not only important for your SEO but for your customers and sales as well. 82 per cent of […] Continue Reading

The history of copywriting

The interesting history of copywriting. It’s older than you think! There is a certain level of peculiarity that comes with being a copywriter that goes beyond simply being a writer or working in marketing. Of course, I’m completely biased but it feels like a strange set of skills that I’ve stolen from history and that […] Continue Reading

Copywriting for millennials

Millennials: mystery or marvellous? How can you perfect your copywriting to speak to them? Despite what you may think, millennials are actually astute readers and information consumers. Studies show that millennials are more likely to read more books than people in their thirties and forties. Not to mention the amount of online reading they consume. They […] Continue Reading