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How to Get Back into Blogging – Tips

Blogging is so worth it – here’s how to get back into it

Blogging is a gratifying hobby – if you have the time to spend on it. But it’s more than a hobby. In the US, ‘on average, bloggers make $39,186 per year‘. You can make blogging your entire job. Or, if you want to boost your business’s marketing dramatically, blogging could be the avenue that takes things in a whole new direction.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way so often that many business owners find they don’t have enough hours to keep up with regular blogging commitments. Even when they know the tremendous benefits that blogging can bring, while sometimes it might seem like you’d rather do anything else but sit down and write another blog post, there are actually plenty of benefits out there if you make the effort.

I’m a firm believer in getting back into the swing of things, no matter how long it has been. And if your critical mind tells you nasty things like ‘what is the point?’ ‘no one is reading this,’ then I need you to have a firm word with yourself because you will never discover the incredible possibility if you don’t start where you are.

Helpful tips for getting back into blogging again



Start by setting a schedule. If you commit to a timeslot in your calendar for blogging, ideally every week, it’s much less likely you’ll miss a post. Treat it like your exercise schedule, work task, or meditation practice.

Broaden the topic at first

When choosing a topic, pick something broad that can be spun into several posts or multiple angles on the same topic. This way, when life gets in the way, and you find writing is difficult one week, you can still publish something from an older idea rather than leave readers hanging! I have an excellent post on repurposing content with heaps of handy tips.

Stay encouraged

Don’t get discouraged. Of course, not everything you write will go viral and win awards, but if no one reads what you published, then did it really matter anyway? Don’t let a lack of success define your efforts. Sometimes feeling like you are just ‘shouting into the void’ can be the perfect space to experiment with your tone of voice or style and approach until you bolster your confidence. Blogging takes momentum, so consistently put out the content, even if it feels like no one is reading, because one day it’s likely to all come together, and you will not only get more readers, but you will get the readers you want that align with your goals.

Set yourself reasonable goals

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Blogging regularly doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for your blog to take off and gain traction with an audience large enough to sustain posting regularly. Rather than looking at massive targets, such as getting thousands of readers within a few months, look at small milestones you can achieve.

For example, if posting once a week is your broader long-term goal, start by getting back into the habit of writing one blog post every three weeks or so. Once you hit that milestone consistently, up it to once a month. Patience and consistency in regard to blogging will lead to success in time.

Plan your blog posts

If you find yourself constantly having writer’s block when it comes to coming up with content ideas for your blog, try planning out future blog posts ahead of time. This could involve researching topics related to your niche or industry before brainstorming article titles and opening lines to get started much faster when it comes time to write.

Take a break from social media

Numerous studies have shown that social media can lead to a lack of productivity which means we can get into a routine of being time-sucked with social media. No judgement from me— I’m guilty too. But it does need highlighting because if blogging is something you want to stick to or even just start to explore, you need to be super conscious of what using social media is costing you. And suppose your daily scroll habit is costing you a potentially rosy blogging career or enhanced digital marketing. In that case, it’s time to reassess.

Read about Emma’s social media marketing fatigue.

If you spend a lot of time on social media while neglecting your other responsibilities, try taking a break from it for a week or two and see what life is like without being glued to it. You can always go back!

Allow yourself downtime

Starting a blog can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also take up a lot of your time if you don’t manage the workload effectively. Once you have developed good blogging habits and are able to write posts quickly and efficiently, set aside some free time in your schedule, so you aren’t constantly worrying about deadlines or rushing around trying to meet them at the last minute. Allow yourself some downtime to relax and unwind away from the computer screen.

Make blogging a social activity

Instead of keeping your blogs to yourself, consider using blogging as a way to connect with others, whether that is two friends for now or a broader community that are interested in your specialised knowledge.

Share your posts on social media and visit other bloggers’ websites to leave them comments or engage in further discussions about the topics they discuss. You’ll never know who you connect with and what kind of friendships or connections you will make by doing this.

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