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I offer a full service email marketing option. Whether you just want regular and consistent enewsletters sent to your database. Or you need a specific and targeted email marketing campaign to fundraise, sell a product, announce a new service, then my email marketing services are ideal.

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My email marketing services includes:

  • copywriting and content
  • scheduling and optimising
  • powerful subject lines
  • intro text
  • and A/B split testing.

Plus, depending on your marketing objectives and what we decide will work best for your email campaigns, it could include customer segmentation, database growth and A/B split testing to ensure we are constantly sending and refining the absolute best content to speak directly to the people that matter the most: your customers/clients. 

The best part? Having someone to take care of your regular enewsletters and email marketing so you never have to worry about it!

Hiring a freelance copywriter to create your email marketing ensures powerful messages that influence your subscribers to take action. I also offer the copywriting for your emails only (without the design, setup and scheduling part) if you prefer. 

Email marketing services comprise:

Nurture campaign
This is an automated and personalised email system to ensure that customers become repeat and regular customers Includes set up, copywriting, design, scheduling, administration, ongoing maintenance and refining (for length of contract), template set up and brief strategy.

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. – McKinsey.

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Example of email marketing services for client

New leads campaign
Similar to the nurture email marketing campaign, this new leads campaign is personalised for people who are not yet customers of yours. But they will be! Using the power of email marketing and targeted messaging, this entice people from just being a website visitor or liking you on social media to learning more about your business/organisation. And, in turn, warm them up for a sale! This is the process of drawing in potential customers (also known as cold leads) and turning them into people who are in the nurture campaign category.


In addition to the above specific campaigns, I can help you implement a regular enewsletter. Which includes writing and implementing engaging content. This enewsletter will ensure clients feel connected, attended to and will encourage click throughs to your website. Whether you want more sales or website views.

‘Vanessa is a dream come true..she allows my message to be seen and heard clearly and easily. I am CONTINUALLY getting awesome feedback from clients regarding content and am loving what Vanessa is facilitating for my business,’ Tanya M Wilson.

Depending on your needs and goals, I can also incorporate reengagement campaigns, weekly reminder emails and kickback emails. Contact me to discuss your needs and for some of the best email marketing in Australia.

Email marketing services client examples:

email marketing australia
best email marketing australia
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